Wang Xun studied Chinese painting as an undergraduate major in Xiamen, China. After undergraduate study, her art works were full of Chinese aesthetics. She usually painted traditional painting, like landscape painting and figure painting. In 2014, she tries to create some abstract painting, like experimental Chinese painting. One year later, Wang has been studying abroad, she put traditional to contemporary. She was changing the direction of her art by made some sculpture and installation. The transformation from classical painting to installation and sculpture has challenged Wang as she makes the shift from two dimensional to three dimensional. Now she wants to use other material and form to represent an artistic voice of the painting, because three dimensional things can give the audience a stronger sense of extended space. She is looking to create works that resonate and perfectly blend content, form, material and space. This is important to her as this combination incorporates the flawlessness of Chinese art and the history of American art which is dissociated from the frame. Some of her biggest influences are Cai Guoqiang, Robert Morris, and Ann Hamilton.